Meet the Guides
Meet the Alamo Trolly Guide Joe Meet Alamo Trolley Tour Guide Jo
Joe is a life long San Antonio resident. Born in 1942 Joe attended Burbank High School. Joe joined the US Army in 1959 and served 2 tours in Vietnam as a medic until 1965. After the army Joe worked at Kelley Air Force base for 30 years. When he retired in 1990 Joe traveled the US for one year before returning to San Antonio. Joe joined the Alamo Trolley in 2003 and has been a tour guide for the past 7 years. His extensive knowledge of San Antonio will shine through on your Alamo Trolley tour.
Meet the Alamo Trolley Guide Leroy Meet Alamo Trolley Tour Guide Leroy

Born in 1943, Leroy attended Saint Phillip College. Upon graduation Leroy devoted his life to his country and served in the US Army for 30 years. When he retired in 1988 he moved back to San Antonio from Washington DC. Leroy loved San Antonio and knew this was the place he wanted to live. Leroy found his second career as a tour guide shortly after his arrival. Leroy is also a talented golfer and spends much of his spare time on the golf course or giving lessons to young boys and girls.

Meet the Alamo Trolley Guide Phillip Meet Alamo Trolley Tour Guide Phillip
After graduating from high school Phillip set out to find a career as an entertainer. For 5 years he traveled the east coast from New York to Miami in persuit of his dreams. In 1972 Phillip moved to San Antonio and started his second career as a driver for SA-Transit. Working for the city of San Antonio for 18 years Phillip developed an interest in the history and historical sites of San Antonio. In 1993 Phillip joined the Alamo Trolley as a tour guide and has been giving guests an inside look at the beautiful Alamo City ever since.
Tour Guide Alex

Born in 1939, Alexander (Alex) Casiano is a life long resident of San Antonio. After graduating from Breckenridge High Scholl in 1957 Alex joined the United States Navy. He served on the carrier USS Hancock. After his discharge Alex joined the San Antonio Transit System for 5 years as a driver. Alex then moved on to join the U.S. Postal service and retired after 38 years. Alex started his third career as a tour guide in 2001 working for both Garyline and Star Shuttle before joining The Alamo Trolley.  Alex is very proud of San Antonio and its history. He looks forward to work every day and will consider it an honor to share his knowledge of the colorful history of San Antonio.

Tour Guide Robert Alamo Trolley Tour Guide Robert

Robert was born and raised in San Antonio. After graduation Robert started his career as a dispatcher for the local Trailway Bus Company. After a couple of years behind a desk Robert decided he would rather be on the road. After receiving his CDL license he started driving for Kerrville Bus Line. Being a history student Robert was a natural when he moved from just a driver to a tour guide. Robert has been giving tours of San Antonio for over 30 years.

A father of 2 sons Robert’s spends his free time going on old fashion trail rides. This he says is much safer than the rodeo riding he use to do.

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